Workshop Reconditioning & Repairs

For any emergency breakdown or casualties happens to the engine, you can rely on us blindly. Just email us or call us, our engineers will be on the breakdown site with portable tools and equipment to troubleshoot the problem.
Our expertise lies in the onsite maintenance and repair of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.
We have all the necessary tooling that can be carried to the breakdown site either on vessel or land.

Engine Overhauling Services

PILLAR Solutions is the only company known as one stop solution for all the high capacity diesel and marine engine related problems, you can rely on us blindly.

Valves & Seats Regeneration

Valves and valves seat reconditioning is a SEAS PILLAR specialty, which is a high quality weld fill designed to withstand very high temperatures.

Reconditioning Engine Parts

Our workshop is well equipped to help our mechanics to return the refurbished diesel engine parts to the exact specifications of the new part, Diesel engine parts repair is an alternative to purchasing new engine parts.