Engine Services

For any engine problem, a call to PILLAR is a smart move.

Diesel Engine repair and maintenance is one of the core services of Pillar, our skilled engineers and mechanics with shipyard, sea going experience know where to look and where to start trouble-shooting any engine.

we are able to quickly analyze requirements and get down to completing the job and minimize asset downtime for our customers. we as an engine specialist, Pillar supports the full lifecycle of our customers’ operations and can deploy our field service teams anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from our operation center in Jeddah.

We service and repair most makes and models of large bore 4-stroke and 2-stroke diesel, diesel engines. Routine maintenance and restoration from major engine casualties are our specialty.

Our expertise does not stop with the engine itself but extends to take care of all vital equipment surrounding the engine. Our capabilities cover turbochargers, fuel equipment, governors, and engine cooling system, makes Pillar one of the leading engine service in Saudi Arabia experts and the clear alternative to the OEM .

Workshop Reconditioning and Repairs

We provides a workshop for the renewal and repair of critical components related to diesel engines. Reconditioning and repair of important components related to engines is one of the specialties of PILLAR.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Our mission often begins with exploring the root cause of major engine malfunctions, We can diagnose, plan and perform maintenance for any malfunction of any type of diesel engine. and the other

Diesel Engines Repair Services

Ship diesel engine repairs and maintenance is the core service of PILLAR Routine maintenance, Troubleshooting and repairs for the main and auxiliary engins is PILLAR specialty.

On Site Repair & Maintenance

PILLAR allows the mobilization of a dedicated engine maintenance team to respond to any type of requirement, PILLAR Response and the ability to mobilize appropriate tools and technicians are critical.

Crankshaft Replacements

If the crankshaft has been condemned and cannot be salvaged in place, PILLAR teams are experts in performing crankshaft replacements in a fast and safe manner. Recovery from this type of malfunction is routine for PILLAR .

Diesel Engines Spare Parts

PILLAR provides original spare parts through its Global relations and the volume of operations and key relationships, great access to OEM to provide original spare parts at competitive prices .